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Grounded Acid Gland | How to Get

Acid Gland

Grounded is full of a ridiculous number of resources. There’s so much to keep track of, and so much garden to explore. The Acid Gland is not just any resource, it’s a rare resource, meaning it’ll be hard to collect. That may not sound good, but don’t fret. Once you know how to gather and collect acid glands, it doesn’t take much effort to collect these rare glands for yourself.

How to Get Acid Gland in Grounded

In order to get acid glands, you need to find a source of soldier ants, as they have a low chance of dropping this precious resource whenever you kill one. If you loot it and gather a gland, then you’re in luck! The odds of a drop aren’t great for just one ant, but after slaughtering an army you’ll be sure to come out with at least a few!

Before you head off on your journey to clear out some ant hills and collect acid glands, you’re going to want to be well-equipped. Soldier Ants are harder to kill off than Worker ants and tend to come in a small horde. If you want to farm most effectively, Tier 2 weapons and some basic armor might come in handy. If you’re farming in the older game, a Spiky Sprig or Ant Club will do, but play carefully!

Now, where is the best place to farm these pests? The ant hill is, of course, the best place to find them. There’s an absolutely ridiculous number of them inside of there. However, while it might be the best farming spot, that doesn’t make it the safest for collecting acid glands!

The abandoned ant hill is much better if you’re looking for safe farming. There are only three soldier ants, and they’re fairly spread apart. You’ll only need to fight a maximum of two at the same time. This abandoned hill is in the center-ish of the map, far up north. This is probably the best place to farm soldier ants for their ant glands until you can farm them in the actual ant hill.

Written by Andrew Smith