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Grounded Ant Eggs | Where to Find, What Does It Do?

Grounded Ant Eggs

In Grounded, ant eggs are one of the more difficult items to obtain, as they’re typically guarded by not-so-friendly arthropods. However, if you manage to sneak away with an egg, you can use it to make a variety of explosives, like tripwires and bombs. So, while it may be difficult to track down, getting an ant egg just might be worth your trouble.

Where to Find Ant Eggs in Grounded

As you probably expected, you can find ant eggs in Grounded inside of anthills. Further, there is a hill located northwest of the first field station in the game, in an area filled with lots of dry grass. When you reach the hill, you’ll find two different types of ants. Workers, which are the one’s you’ve seen running around in the grass, and soldier ants, who guard the hill.

As you approach the anthill, you’ll want to be mindful of the solider ants patrol routes, because they will attack you if they spot you. The worker ants, on the other hand, will leave you alone unless you engage with them. You can try shooting arrows at the guards to take them out, but we’d suggest waiting for them to turn their backs and then quickly running for the entrance.

When inside, get out your torch and quickly work your way through the passages while keeping an eye out for any soldier ants. Eventually, you’ll come to a room filled with ant eggs that you can grab before you head back to your camp.

Once back, pop the egg into the analyzer to learn a few new explosive recipes. To make the bomb, you’ll need the ant egg, dry grass (4), and fungal growth (2), which will require a bit of work. The tripwire bomb, on the other hand, is far less labor-intensive and only requires an ant part along with spider silk. However, it’s not quite as explosive and won’t be as satisfying and detonating a bomb — but to each their own.

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Good luck and happy raiding!

Written by Andrew Smith