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Grounded Ant Hill Location | Where to Find

Grounded Ant Hill Location

In Groundedafter making friends with BURG.L, you’ll get daily missions that will require you to track down different items or complete certain objectives. One request will require players to find the ant hill location that resides in the Western Grasslands. So, just where can you find the ant hill?

Where to Find the Ant Hill Location in Grounded

Grounded Ant Hill Location

Players can find the Western Grasslands ant hill location northeast of the first field station, close to the Mysterious Machine. For the exact location, you can check the map above, but it should be pretty easy to spot and shouldn’t be too hard to track down.

To complete the BURG.L daily quest, you’ll need to find the ant hill location and then make your way to the highlighted location. When you arrive, you will have to craft a Trail Marker which requires two sprigs, two plant fibers, and one clover leaf. Simply build the marker at the designated location and you’ll have completed BURG.L’s quest.

When you’re wandering around, be sure to watch out for the soldier ants, who will attack you if spotted — unlike the worker ants. However, if you happen to have all three pieces for the ant armor, you can equip it and the ants won’t bother you. If you don’t have it, you can find all the pieces inside the tunnels of the ant hill.

While you’re at the hill, you can also grab some ant eggs, which will allow you to make a few different types of bombs. But beware, the ants won’t like you messing with their eggs, so you’d better move quick (unless you have the armor.)

Grounded is currently in Early Access, so it’s always possible that there will be more than one ant hill location added into the game at a later date. But for now, you’ll just need to worry about remembering where the Western Grasslands ant hill is located.

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Happy hunting!

Written by Andrew Smith