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Grounded Bee Armor | Where to Find

Grounded Bee Armor

Exploring the backyard in Grounded can be quite dangerous, but can be made a bit safer with armor. One set in particular is the rotten bee armor, which will give players increased sprint distance, allowing them to run longer before they tire out. So, where can you find bee armor in Grounded?

Where to Find Bee Armor in Grounded

Oddly enough, in Grounded, bee armor can be found inside of the anthill located northwest of the first field station. The tunnels through the hill can be quite confusing to navigate, but there are three pieces you’ll need to track down. Further, when you put on a piece, each will give you increased stamina until you’ve reached the max bonus with all three pieces. In the list below, you’ll find the full set of bee armor.

  • Rotten Bee Face Mask
  • Rotten Bee Shin Guards
  • Rotten Bee Shoulder Pads

As we mentioned above, it’s hard to say exactly how to find each piece of the bee armor set because the anthill tunnels are a bit confusing. However, it shouldn’t be too difficult to track down if you explore around for a couple of minutes.

While exploring, you’re going to want to be careful because if you come across one of the soldier ants, they’ll attack you. However, the worker ants, on the other hand, will leave you alone unless you provoke them. We’d suggest not engaging with any of the ants if possible because it’s going to be pretty hard to survive an attack from a swarm of arthropods inside a small, enclosed anthill.

When you eventually find the bee armor, simply equip it in the menu to receive your bonuses. Just note that if you take it off, you’ll lose the effects until you put it back on. This probably isn’t the best armor if you anticipate fighting enemies, since it merely increases stamina. But if you’re planning to explore around a bit, the bee armor will make your journey much more efficient.

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Remember, don’t provoke the ants!

Written by Andrew Smith