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Grounded Best Armor Set | Which Should You Choose?

Grounded Best Armor Set

While exploring the backyard in Grounded, there are a couple of different armor sets that players can acquire to better their chance of survival. Further, each piece of armor will offer a bonus to players, while having the full set equipped will offer a secondary set bonus. So, which set is the best armor in Grounded?

What is the Best Armor Set in Grounded?

So far, there are seven different sets of armor in Grounded that players can choose from. Each offers unique bonuses and will be ideal for a specific situation. However, if you don’t feel like tracking down all the sets, you might just want to focus on the three best armor sets, which we’ve detailed in the list below.

Bee Armor Set — Increases Sprint Distance

The first set on our list is the bee armor and it’s going to be ideal for almost any situation, as each piece of armor you have will increase your sprint distance. Further, there is a bit of mystery surrounding the armor, as at the time of writing no one knows what its Fuzzy Cushion set bonus does. Players can find all three pieces of the bee armor in the Western Grasslands ant hill, and it cannot be crafted.

Ladybug Armor Set — Increases Blocking Strength

Another one of the best armor sets in Grounded is the ladybug armor, as every equipped piece will increase players blocking strength. Further, the full set bonus is called Scarlet Embrace, and it increases health regeneration. This set of armor is going to be ideal if you plan on fighting any of the bigger bugs in the game and will serve as extra protection while the health regen bonus should help keep you alive longer during the fight.

Unlike the bee armor, to get the ladybug armor set, you’ll have to craft it out of the following materials:

  • Ladybug Head (1)
  • Ladybug Parts (11)
  • Flower Petals (6)
  • Berry Leather (11)

As you can see, to get the armor you’ll need to take down a ladybug, so be sure to upgrade to the Tier 2 tools before taking it on!

Acorn Armor Set — Increases Max Health

We think this is one of the best armor sets in Grounded for two reasons: It’s easy to get and it increases your max health. Additionally, the set bonus for the acorn armor is called “Uncrackable” and increases the number of times a player can block. This would be a great set of armor to have before you try to get the ladybug armor, as it’ll increase your health before the fight.

Unlike the bee armor, you’ll have to craft the acorn armor set, but it’s pretty simple.

  • Acorn Shells (6)
  • Mite Fuzz (5)
  • Clover Leaves (6)
  • Sap (4)
  • Woven Fibers (11)

All of these resources should be pretty easy to acquire. If you need help getting sap, you may want to consider building a sap catcher.

It’s also worth noting that Grounded is still in Early Access, so while these are the best armor sets right now, there could be new ones added in the future that are even better!

Written by Andrew Smith