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Grounded Bird Bath Bluff | Where to Find Marker Location

Grounded Bird Bath Bluff

In Grounded one of the explorer quests will task players with tracking down the Bird Bath Bluff location. However, this is really all the information you’ll get with the quest, leaving a lot of players unsure where to look for the marker location. In this guide, we will show you exactly where to find Bird Bath Bluff.

Where to Find Bird Bath Bluff in Grounded

Grounded Bird Bath Bluff

To find Bird Bath Bluff in Grounded, players will need to make their way to the hedges located by the house, along the eastern edge of the map. From there, you’ll have to climb on some limbs until you eventually reach a giant stone birdbath. You’ll want to begin your climb at the field research tent identical to the one you find at the beginning of the game. It shouldn’t be hard to spot and its location is noted in the map above.

As you head towards the twig leading to the tent, be careful because there is a big spider lurking on the ground that you’ll have to get past. Luckily, it won’t chase you up the limb, so wait until it turns its back and then make a run for it. If it spots you, just keep running towards the twig and when you begin to climb it, you’ll be safe.

To find the Bird Bath Bluff location follow along the tree branches and work your way to the northeast portion of the map. and when you get close, you should begin to see the stone bird bath through the hedge. As you get close, you’ll be able to hop along some leaves to reach the top of the bath.

Once you reach the Bird Bath Bluff location, you’ll have a really nice view of the backyard. While you’re in the area, you may want to look for the Hedge Lab, which is hidden up in the branches near the field research tent. If you make it inside, you’ll be able to uncover a hidden message that will reveal more about the upcoming story. Additionally, inside the field research tent you’ll find some granola bars and new Analyzer that you can use to discover new recipes.

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Written by Andrew Smith