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Grounded Black Widow | Where to Find

Grounded Black Widow Boss Locations Guide

Grounded 1.0 is now in our hands, and with it comes some additional terrors to face off against in the Backyard. Aside from the new Upper Eastern Yard area, players will now encounter bigger and deadlier bugs, which include the Black Widow spider. As if we don’t have enough problems being tiny, we eventually have to fight this new enemy. There are four locations where you’ll encounter the Black Widow in Grounded, so be sure to check out our notes below.

Where to Find the Black Widow Boss in Grounded

Grounded Where to Find the Black Widow Boss

Evidently, you’ll come across a Black Widow in the newer areas of the game. These include the aforementioned Upper Eastern Yard, the Undershed, and Flower Bed biomes. As expected, have your best weapons equipped and the toughest armor attached. The Black Widow packs quite a rapid bite, and its sudden slashes can bring you off balance. Plus, they’ll definitely have some babies crawling around to help their gigantic mother.

Here are the four Black Widow locations.

Upper Eastern Yard: Toolbox

Underneath the red toolbox, search for the wrench that will lead you to a passageway. You’ll soon see some webbing that will bring you to an opening, where the spider awaits you.


Proceed through the Undershed doorway, which is unlockable by progressing through the story. This location acts like a proper enemy boss lair since it contains plenty of room to fight. In order to arrive here, traverse through the Undershed area by sticking to the right and utilizing power lines and pipes. Maintain the path until you notice a screwdriver on the ground; walk across here.

Next, head right toward the rusty green pipe. If you’re traveling during the day and not at night, you’ll be able to easily spot it. Beneath it are two levels: the top leads you to a Wolf Spider, and the bottom will somewhat bring you to the Black Widow. You’ll need to do some careful platforming here, but basically, walk over to the broken white pipe where a few Mosquitoes will be flying nearby. Spectate downward until you find the opening to the spider’s lair against a wall. It’s here where you’ll have to be cautious when reaching the area.

If you have a dandelion tuft, then reaching the opening should be relatively effortless. But if you don’t possess one, try and land on protruding rocks and objects as you proceed to do some platforming. Once you find your footing, run toward the lair by evading the Mosquitoes. You might have one or two on your tail, yet killing them will save you some extra trouble when you finally approach the Black Widow.

Shed Deck: Outside, Southeast

Under a small area of elevated dirt near the corner of the Shed Deck, locate a distinctive hole in the ground. It’s actually a cracked rock, and it’s only accessible by using a bomb on it. Evidently, a bratburst works wonderfully here. You can craft one by assembling 2 Fungal Growth, 1 Red Ant Egg, and 4 Dry Grass Chunk via a Workbench.

Use the bomb to blow up the rock, then jump inside to find some Raw Science hovering over a hole. If you jump through, you’ll be trapped in a fight with the Black Widow and her vicious offspring.

East Backyard: Moldorc Castle

Behind Moldorc Castle, head toward the Field Station to the south. Hug the red fence until you spot an opening underneath a big batch of rocks to the right. This one is fairly straightforward to find, it just might take some time to reach the castle’s general area.

There you have it! It goes without question that these enemies are difficult to wrestle with if you don’t have the proper gear. We recommend stacking up some smoothies and sturdy weapons if you plan on going up against a Black Widow.

Written by Andrew Smith