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Grounded Bombardier Beetle Location | Where to find

Grounded Bombardier Beetle Location - Where to find

The Bombardier Beetle is one of the more unique enemy types in Grounded. With a heavy emphasis on its toxic bomb attacks, the Bombardier Beetle focuses on long distance Area-of-Effect combat, making them a danger to encounter while exploring the world of Grounded.

Where to find a Bombardier Beetle in Grounded

Where to find Bombardier Beetle location in Grounded

The Bombardier Beetle can be found in multiple locations in Grounded. However, the most consistent spawn point is in the southeastern side of the map near Rake Rock Point. Start by looking for the giant rock, right around the gas.

Once you spot the giant rock, climb to the top of it. You should encounter a Bombardier Beetle right at the peak. If you don’t see one there, you should still be able to spot one nearby. Use the rock’s high vantage point to survey the area.

You’ll be able to recognize these foes by their large green shells, which cover the entirety of their backs. They also have large eyes and antennae, and are two-to-three times larger than player characters.

How to kill a Bombardier Beetle

Fighting the Bombardier Beetle can be a little tricky for players who don’t know what to do. These creatures tend to keep their distance, preferring to use bomb attacks which create areas of toxic gas. Don’t let your guard down, though; they’re more than capable of dealing heavy damage up close.

If you have a strong weapon and know how to block, the best strategy would be to move in close and attack as quickly as possible. This will help negate its bomb attacks.

If attacking up close and blocking is not your forte, try spamming bow attacks while strafing either left or right. Stronger bows will be the most useful in this situation, but the Spring Bow will still do the trick — just expect a longer battle ahead.

After defeating the Bombardier Beetle, you’ll be able to collect a Boiling Gland as well as Bombardier parts as loot. The Boiling Gland can be used to unlock the Insect Hammer, while the Insect Axe and the Jerky Rack can be unlocked from the Bombardier Parts.

Written by Andrew Smith