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Grounded Clay Location | Where to Find

Grounded Clay Location

There are an abundance of resources that players can find and use to their advantage while exploring the backyard in GroundedOne item that you’ll find later in the game is clay, and it can be used for a variety of base building structures. As you can imagine, if you’re building out your base, you’re going to need to find a clay location that you can visit over and over again — and we have a few suggestions.

Where to Find Clay in Grounded

Grounded Clay Location

In Grounded, clay can be found near large bodies of water. While there are a couple of good spots, the best clay location seems to be in the soggy area over by the hedges, on the eastern side of the map. There is also a good spot in the top left corner of the map, but for most players, the water by the hedges will likely be best. In the map above, you can see the two clay locations that we are talking about.

Before you venture out, you’ll need to make sure you have a shovel on hand, as it’s the only tool that can harvest clay. To make a shovel, you’ll need two sprigs, three woven fibers, and an acorn shell. You’ll be able to find an abundance of acorns by the Oak Tree, just make sure to bring a hammer with you so you can crack it.

With the hammer made and clay location in mind, you should be ready to venture out. When you near the water, you’ll be able to spot clay fairly easily, as it’s just a giant brown block. Hit it a couple of times with the shovel and it’ll break into a bunch of small pieces for you to collect. While you’re lurking around, be sure to watch out for spiders, because they seem to like to hang out by the water, especially the area by the hedges.

With the clay in hand, take it back to the Analyzer and you’ll learn some new recipes for your base location. For more on Grounded, be sure to check out some of the guides below.

Written by Andrew Smith