Grounded: Gunpowder Clump Location

There are a lot of items and materials that you are required to collect in Grounded in order to craft a specific item or to complete some quest. During the game, you will need to craft plenty of bombs and explosives and for that, you will need to collect Gunpowder Clump. If you have a hard time finding a Gunpowder Clump, then we prepared everything you need to collect it easily in the game.

In this guide, we will show you Gunpowder Clump Location in Grounded!

Gunpowder Clump Location – Grounded

Gunpowder Clumps are a resource that can be found throughout the upper yard from opening Pop Caps with a Pinch Whacker, Scythe of Blossoms, or Termite Axe.

This item can be used to craft different explosives or flammable objects.

The Pop Caps are located in different areas on the map.

The two main areas where you can find most of the Gunpowder Clumps are Stump Lab Outpost and Oak Lab.

Stump Lab Outpost

The Stump Lab Outpost can be found in the southeast part of the map. Check the image below for the exact location.

To get there, you can go through the Upper Grasslands, and then from there you will be able to go across the small laboratory under the Stump.

Once you are there, explore the entire area where you are going to find the orange cap with a yellow center. Just simply chop it with your weapon and you will obtain some Gunpowder Clumps.

Oak Lab

Oak Lab can be found in the middle area of the map, south of the Stump Lab Outpost.

Check the image below for the exact location on the map.

You can find this area near the Abandoned Ant Hill where you can access the Oak Lab if you activate the mysterious machine.

Also here you will find plenty of Pop Caps in which you can obtain your Gunpowder Clumps.

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