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Grounded Hot Dog Location | Where to Find

Grounded Hot Dog Location

In Grounded, one of the fundamental things you will need to do is eat food to stay alive. Luckily, there are quite a few food items in the game that players can find by searching around. One of these items is called hot dog bits and they can be gathered at one of the large oversized weiners in the game. That said, in this guide we will show players where they can find every hot dog location in Grounded.

Where to Find the Hot Dog Locations in Grounded

Grounded Hot Dog Location

In total there are three hot dog locations in Grounded that the player can find and harvest bits from. Further, these locations also offer the player a great source of food that won’t ever spoil. However, players should also be advised that venturing out near these hot dogs may welcome some deadly predators. With all that said, if you’re equipped with some good armor you should be alright.

Location 1

The first hot dog location can be found in the northwestern portion of the map indicated by the blue dot as shown above.

Location 2

The next location can be found next to the giant wood log that is found in the middle of the map, indicated by the red dop above.

Location 3

For the third and find hot dog location, players will have to travel all the way south toward the hedge lab to an unmarked location, as shown by the yellow dot in the image above.

After you arrive at any one of the locations listed above, the first thing you should do is look out for bugs, as there will be a few in the area around the hot dog. For example, there is a good chance you could run into a spider, which are extremely dangerous. Luckily, we have a handy guide that will explain how to fight spiders.

Once you deal with whatever is guarding the weiner, you will be free to harvest Hot Dog Bits by hitting it with your axe. However, you will need a least a Tier 2 axe to harvest the food. So be sure you have everything you need before venturing out.

That’s a wrap on everything you need to know about where to find the hot dog locations in Grounded. We hope you found our guide useful, but before you go be sure to check out some other articles we have for Grounded that will be listed below.

Written by Andrew Smith