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Grounded Jungle Temple Burgl Chip Location | Where to find

Grounded Jungle Temple Burgl Chip Location - Where to find

A new mission in the latest Grounded update requires you to find the Jungle Temple BURG.L chip. This guide will tell you where to find the Jungle Temple and how to get the passwords need to access the BURG.L chip within.

How to Find the Jungle Temple Burg.L Chip Location

Where to find Grounded Jungle Temple Burgl Chip location

Head to the southeastern of the map and climb up the branches in the large bush. This will require you to travel across several zip lines when you see them.

Along the way you will pass two small labs (just a single small room each). This is how you will know you’re on the right track. Along this path are many Spiderlings, so be careful of them.

Eventually you’ll make it to a much larger abandoned lab at the top of the bush. You’ll need to use the zip line to get to the entrance to this Jungle Temple laboratory.

How to Find the Password

Jungle Temple password

In the foyer of the Jungle Temple is a computer next to a locked door. To open the door, you will need to find the password, which has been torn into four pieces of paper. Each scrap of paper is here, so they shouldn’t be hard to find.

The first password part (Password scribble 58) can be found early on, in the room with the first two Orb Weaver juniors.

Continue from here and fight the TAY.Z robots along the way. In a small control room area with the last TAY.Z in it is a hole in the wall. Zip wire down to the next part of the lab where the Password scribble t19 can be found.

In the room with the adult Orb Weaver is the third password part, Password scribble -ur.

To reach the final scrap ascend up the spiraling tube tunnel to the very top or the lab. Here will be a storeroom full of many supplies worth looting.

Around this location you’ll find zip wire which leads back to the start. Take the zip line, but jump off half way when you are over a rooftop with an open hatch leading back inside the temple laboratory.

In this room are two more Orb Weaver juniors and the Password scribble y-.

Return to the beginning area of the lab and input the now-complete password to unlock the door behind you. Enter the room to find the Jungle Temple Burg.L chip inside.

Written by Andrew Smith