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Grounded Ladybug Locations | Where to Find

Ladybug locations

In Grounded, the primary threat to the player’s existence is the varied roster of bug enemies. However, there is one bug in Grounded that doesn’t want to eat the player, and it’s the ladybug. This guide will explain where to find ladybug locations so you can farm them for the resources they drop.

Where to Find a Ladybug in Grounded

Ladybug locations

To find a ladybug in Grounded, look in the area north and west of the Mysterious Machine. Aside from this area, you can also find ladybugs in locations near sources of water. They appear in random places while exploring, so keep an eye out for any red-and-black critters roaming around.

Have you found a ladybug but don’t know what to do next? Here are some tips on how to take them down. First, you should note that unlike other bugs, ladybugs are non-hostile; they’ll stay passive until the moment you attack. Keep this fact in mind, because this will allow you to weaken them before the fight even starts. In light of this, we suggest jumping on its back and whacking away until you’re able to draw aggro.

If things get too dicey, retreat to high ground, whip out a bow, and take it down from range. If you don’t have a bow, check out our guide on how to kill spiders, as the topic gets covered in that guide. After you kill the ladybug, it will drop the following parts listed below.

  • LadyBug Head
  • LadyBug Part

You can use both parts to craft a lovely armor called the Ladybug Armor, which will allow you to survive more fights with deadly monsters such as spiders. However, you will need a total of 11 ladybug parts and one head to craft the armor, so you better get farming.

That’s all you need to know on where to find ladybug locations in Grounded. We hope this guide provided the answers to all of your questions. Before you go, be sure to check out some more awesome guides on Grounded in the list below.

Written by Andrew Smith