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Grounded Salt Glob | How to Get

Grounded Sturdy Quartzite - How to Get

You can craft a variety of weapons in Grounded, each of which can be upgraded with elemental attributes to deal more damage. The different elemental attributes are Fresh, Sour, Spicy, and Salty. And, if you upgrade your weapon with one of the variations, it will deal more damage to insects that have that element as a weakness. If it’s Salty damage you’re looking for, you’ll need a Salt Glob to get it. In this guide we’ll show you exactly how to get Salt Glob and upgrade your weapon.

How to Get Salt Glob in Grounded

How to Get Salt Glob in Grounded

You can unlock Salt Globs by purchasing their recipe from BURG.L after you get the Sandbox Chip. Before Grounded’s full release, you needed the Picnic Table BURG.L Chip to unlock Salt Globs, but now they changed it to the Sandbox Chip. So first, you need to get the Sandbox Chip, which is found in the Sandbox Lab Outpost.

In order to access this lab, you’ll need the Assistant Manager Keycard. Which you can only get by defeating the Assistant Manager in the Black Anthill Lab Quest. You can do this by heading to the Black Anthill in the Sandbox, and investigating the lab. Don’t forget to bring a couple of bombs to blow up the debris that’s blocking your path on this quest. Continue on until you reach the end, where you must face and defeat the Assistant Managaer. When you kill him, he drops the Assistant Manager’s keycard.

Now use the Assistant Manager Keycard to open the doors to the Sandbox Lab Outpost. head inside, and right on the table will be the Sandbox BURG.L Chip. Now when you return the card to BURG.L, you’ll be able to unlock Advanced Smithing: Flavored Globs for 2,500 Raw Science Points. These will unlock all of the elemental globs and their recipes to now upgrade weapons with elemental effects.

The Salt Glob recipe is three salt shards and one Sturdy Whetstone in the oven. Once you have the Salt Glob, simply head to the Smithing Station and use it on your weapon to give it the Salty damage effect.

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Written by Andrew Smith