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Grounded Signs | How to Unlock and Craft

Grounded Signs - How to Unlock and Craft Signs

The Grounded September 2020 update has been released, and as expected, it contains loads of new features. Players who like to decorate their buildings will most likely be interested in the new signs, offering a selection of different designs to choose from. Here’s how to unlock signs in Grounded, including what you need to craft them and how to purchase new designs.

How to Unlock Signs in Grounded

How to Unlock Signs in Grounded - All Signs

To unlock signs in Grounded, you need to use the Resource Analyzer to scan an Acorn Top. Acorn Shells, Acorn Tops, and four Crude Ropes are required to craft sign frames, while the sign schematics can be purchased from Burg.L by handing in Tech Chips.

There are over 30 new signs to craft, with the Teen Spirit sign set being the first offered. This initial set will cost 1,500 Raw Science, so be sure to have some on-hand.

Once signs have been unlocked, you can craft a frame and place it on just about any surface. After that, you can choose different designs by interacting with the frame. The Image Selector screen will pop, giving you a choice between any unlocked images. Doing so doesn’t require any resources, so you can change your signs as often as you like.

Eight plain colors are offered by default, the likes of which will likely be used for map markers. There are also four directional arrows that can be used to point the way toward areas of interest. Beyond that, you can unlock more sign designs by giving certain chips to Burg.L.

  • The Teen Spirit sign set includes several different designs, from a an outer space theme to a thumbs-up drawing
  • The Daydream set offers a sun wearing shades, a spooky ghost, an upside-down smiley face, and that weird S thing we all drew in high school
  • The Crow set offers just two more designs, both of which represent a crow
  • Finally, the Creatures set offers 11 more designs showcasing many of the creepy crawlies found within Grounded.

These appear to be all of the signs you can unlock in Grounded for now. Of course, it’s always possible that more will be added in future updates, particularly with enough fan demand.

Written by Andrew Smith