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Grounded Weed Killer Peak | Where to Find

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Weed Killer Peak in Grounded is a tricky place to reach. However, it’s a spot every player will eventually need to find in order to complete their daily tasks from BURG.L, the friendly robot at the Oak Tree Lab. Once you plant a marker at Weed Killer Peak, your robot pal will fork over Raw Science, a valuable resource used to purchase new recipes straight from the robot himself. Luckily, we know just where to find it.

Grounded | Where to Find Weed Killer Peak

Grounded Weed Killer Peak Location Map

Weed Killer Peak is located in an open region southwest of the Mysterious Machine. It’s easy to find once you’re near the rake: It’s the giant canister of weed killing herbicide with the long metal nozzle you’ll see off in the distance. However, be warned that you’ll need to equip a gas mask before you can reach the peak.

Get a Gas Mask

If you haven’t ventured this far south before, you may need a gas mask. To craft one, you first need to analyze Gnat Fuzz. After that, you can craft a gas mask using one Weevil Nose, four Gnat Fuzz, two Woven Fiber, and one Stinkbug Part. You can kill a Stink Bug in the area just north of the rake.

Weed Killer Peak Marker Location

With a gas mask equipped, you’re ready to head out. Starting from the giant rake, turn west and head down the hill. Through the forest of grassy leaves you’ll spot some grey rocks. Climb them, then look for the tip of the spray nozzle pointing toward the ground. Jump onto it, then climb the length of the sprayer up to the top of the canister.

The map marker is found on top of the canister, right next to the handle for the sprayer. To craft the marker itself, you’ll need one Clover Leaf, two Plant Fiber, and two Sprigs. Place the marker at the top of the peak and return to BURG.L in order to complete the task and receive your reward.

It’s hard to miss the Weed Killer Peak marker location in Grounded. Just head southwest to the rake and look for the giant can of herbicide. The marker can be found right on top of the canister.

Written by Andrew Smith