GTA 5: By The Book Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Steve Haines wants all loose ends tied up, and with Ferdinand Kerimov in his hands, he can now certainly do just that. Along with Dave Norton and Devin Weston, Steve wants Michael to assassinate the powerful Azerbaijani, Tahir Javan. Problem is, they don’t know who he is – only Kerimov does.

To locate and eventually put an end to Tahir, Trevor is to pull out answers from Kerimov by any means necessary while Michael tries his best to work out the details he gives and hopefully take out the true target.

In this guide, we will show you how to finish the By the Book mission and how to get its Gold Medal completion.

By The Book Mission Guide (Gold Medal) – GTA 5

Michael or Trevor (depending on who is being played at that time) receives a phone call from FIB agent Steve Haines telling them to meet at a warehouse.

Upon arriving, a cutscene should trigger where Steve lays down the plan to hunt down Tahir Javan.

Using Michael, drive to the waypoint marked on the map. It will lead you to a house at Rockford Hills where Tahir is apparently at.

The first torture sequence should start after going to the waypoint. As Trevor, pick your first torture device then use it on Kerimov.

The order of torture devices you pick does not factor into your quest to get the Gold Medal. Just make sure that Kerimov does not die from all four devices.

After the first torture sequence, player control should switch back to Michael. Drive to the waypoint at Chumash to trigger the next torture sequence.

Choose your next torture device.

After that, scope out the area using your Sniper Rifle. When satisfied, switch back to Trevor to trigger the third torture sequence.

Choose your third torture device.

With the third torture sequence done, look through your Sniper scope again and then switch to Trevor for the final torture sequence.

Again, make sure that Kerimov does not die.

After all that, look through your Sniper scope for the last time and search for a man dressed in red overalls and smoking a cigarette using his left hand.

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Shoot him on the head to complete Michael’s part of the mission.

With Tahir dead, use Trevor to drive Kerimov to the airport to complete the mission.

By the Book Mission Gold Requirements

Don’t Stop Me Now: complete all torture sequences without Kerimov’s heart stopping. Take note that Kerimov’s heart rate will stop once it passes 200 BPM.

Wrenched: hit Kerimov with the wrench. We recommend you choose this as your first torture device.

The Tooth Hurts: pull out Kerimov’s tooth. We recommend you do this second.

Electrocutioner: electrocute Kerimov. We recommend you do this third.

It’s Legal!: waterboard Kerimov. It is recommended that you do this last. Pour water on him in short bursts to give him a better chance to not pass out.

There you have it! Follow everything we wrote above and soon enough you should have that shiny Gold Medal with you.

Getting the Gold Medal for this particular mission revolves solely around the torture sequences. Again, it does not matter the sequence of devices you choose just make sure that Kerimov survives throughout.

Written by Borut Udovic

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