GTA 5: Cleaning Out The Bureau Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Michael has been doing several jobs for Steve Haines and Dave Norton for a while now and there seems to be no end to the odd jobs they keep sending him after. After all, Michael cannot afford to say no to Dave and Steve as they can easily take away his freedom as part of their deal.

The two now want Michael to help them prevent the corruption secrets from within the FIB to leak out, starting with the mission: Cleaning out the Bureau.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to finish the Cleaning out the Bureau Mission in GTA 5 and how to get its Gold Medal completion.

Cleaning Out The Bureau Mission Guide (Gold Medal) – GTA 5

Michael arrives at their gang’s hideout and talks to Lester about their heist plans on the Union Depository.

After a while, his FIB friends, Dave Norton and Steve Haines get into the picture. Steve tells Michael and Lester that the Agency is currently on them as they speak.

With the risk of the FIB gaining access to their respective records, Steve wants Michael and Lester on a mission to find a way to get inside the Agency and gain access to said records before the FIB themselves use them as evidence.

In return, Steve promises to delete all of Michael’s files hidden deep within the Bureau, implying that this will be the last time the pair asks Michael for help.

Michael agrees and tells Steve that this will indeed be the last job he will be willing to take for him.

Cleaning Out The Bureau Mission Guide

After the opening cutscene, get in your car and drive to the FIB building as marked yellow on your map.

Upon arriving at the designated point, wait for the janitor’s car to emerge.

Remember to zoom in on every car that passes through the parking lot to complete one of the Gold Medal requirements.

You are looking for a vehicle with plate number: ‘83QSL722.’

As soon as you have the target car, follow it at a distance. Do not get close to it too much or you’d be risking one Gold Medal requirement.

Take note that the janitor might stop at the red light a couple of times. Just try to keep at least a two-car distance between you and his car.

Follow him to his apartment without him seeing you. Enter Stealth Mode so you wouldn’t alert him of your presence.

After that, a cutscene should trigger where Michael asks the janitor for his overalls and ID.

With the needed items on hand, go back to your car and drive back to the hideout at Darnell Bros.

Enter the office to end the mission. Franklin will be there and a cutscene between Lester, Michael, and him will trigger.

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Cleaning Out The Bureau Mission Gold Medal Requirements

Eagle Eye: check all license plates on the FIB building’s parking lot exit. Remember to check each passing car’s license plate by zooming in on them.

He Missed a Spot: follow the janitor without him being alerted of your presence. Do not tail the janitor too close. Keep a good distance away from him as you follow.

Mission Time: complete the mission within 9 minutes. Skip all cutscenes if you want.

There you have it! Just do the steps we detailed above and you should have that sweet Gold Medal in no time!

Written by Borut Udovic

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