GTA 5: Dr.Dre Media Stick Locations | Where To Find

Compared to previous years, if you’re just picking up GTA 5 you’ve got the work cut out for you. Mainly because there so much content, but if you’re a completionist, there are also hundreds or even thousands of collectibles. In the Contracts update in December 2021, Rockstart added Dr.Dre media stick collectibles.

Where To Find Dr.Dre Media Sticks In GTA 5 – Locations

If you’re not familiar with media sticks yet, basically, they’re collectibles and they unlock new mixes in the Media Player radio feature. There are eight media sticks currently in the game and they can be found in various places in the world, as well as owned properties.

Three Dr.Dre media sticks can be found in GTA 5 at the moment. Here are the locations for each one:

#1 Dr.Dre Media Stick Location

We wanted to start with the hardest one to collect, which is the last one. It’s not particularly the hardest, but the fact of the matter is that it has to be unlocked.

To unlock this Dr.Dre media stick, players will need to complete the last Dr.Dre mission available. Then, the media stick will be on your desk in your office. Just as a note, you will have to grab it for it to count towards the achievement.

#2 Dr.Dre Media Stick Location

The second one is easy to get. It’s located at Franlin’s mansion, in the back, near the pool. Once you get there, walk into the premises, and go down the stairs to the jacuzzi area.

In front of the jacuzzi, there will be a table. The second Dr.Dre media stick will be sitting on that table.

#3 Dr.Dre Media Stick Location

The third and last media stick is located on the roof of Record A Studios. Players will unlock Record A Studios after completing the whole Dr.Dre storyline. HOWEVER, players are able to get the media stick even before unlocking it.

Simply, go to the Record A Studios building and get on the roof. It’s a whole lounge area here. Go up to the bar and you’ll find the last media stick on the bar countertop.

That concludes all unreleased Dr.Dre tracks in GTA 5, at the time of writing.

Written by Borut Udovic

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