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The most asked question in recent times is actually: “How old is Franklin from GTA V?”. Franklin Clinton, has been born into a life of no education nor financial wealth. Naturally, Franklin turned to a different kind of life, a life filled with drugs and gangs. He’s dealing drugs for most of his life and he is getting into gang wars frequently. When did this all start, when is Franklin born?

How Old Is Franklin Clinton From GTA V?

To be honest, GTA V’s lore isn’t as deep and rich as some other open-world RPGs. This is fine, after all it’s GTA V, not many are interested in the lore but the whole dynamic of the game.

Anyways, to get straight to the point, Franklin is born in 1988 which makes him 25 years old when the plot unfolds in the game, which is 2013. We’re not sure how time passes or whether Rockstar has aged Franklin with an update, but we suspect they have in some ways.

In 2021 then, in theory, Franklin Clinton has 33 years of age. If you think that’s old, let’s look at Michael De Santa another main protagonist.

Michael is born in 1965, which makes him 39 years old in 2004 where a portion of the story unfolds. Then, he’s 48 in 2013 where the main storyline of the game unfolds. In 2021 though, Michael is getting to his late 50s, or in other words, he’s turning 56 years old.

Despite what most people think, Trevor Phillips isn’t a grandpa. In fact, Trevor is younger than Michael.

Born in 1967, Trevor Phillips is 37 in 2004, 46 in 2013, and 54 years old in 2021. So, even though his voice is a little raspy and old-sounding, he’s younger than Michael. His voice is mainly like that because of tobacco and drug abuse.

I urge anyone to read into the stories of the main protagonists in GTA V. While they aren’t a very mind-blowing, they’re still somewhat interesting.

Written by Borut Udovic

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