GTA 5 Online: Hardware Locations | ULP AGENT Intelligence Mission

GTA 5 Online released The Criminal Enterprises update that comes with plenty of new missions that will entertain most of the players. The ULP Intelligence mission is one of the newest missions that require various objectives to be done within the FIB sites in order to find four hardware.

This guide will show you the Hardware Locations from ULP Agent Intelligence Mission in GTA 5 Online!

GTA 5 Online: Hardware Locations | ULP AGENT Intelligence Mission

Before you start the mission, you will receive a phone call, and get instructions about the mission. The first thing that you need to do is to choose your intel for the mission.

Hardware Location 1

After you choose your agent, you will get a call from Agent ULP and you need to listen to him carefully and head to your mission.

At the location of the mission, once you start it, it will transfer you to Downtown, Los Angeles. Get inside the FIB building and keep your weapons concealed to avoid alerting the FIB.

Once you are inside, go pass through the checkpoint and head to the elevator.

Next, you have to go into the CCTV control room and search the FIB sites for the hardware. It will be located in a briefcase, standing on a desk in the corner of the room.

Hardware Location 2

Head to the opposite side of the floor where you entered by elevator. Head to the north hallway where you will see two officers.

You have to kill them in order to be able to enter the office in front of them.

Inside the office, you will see a cartoon box on the floor where you will find the second hardware. Once you get this hardware make sure to hide your weapons and go away to reduce the chance of being caught by FIB agents.

For the last 2 hardware, you have to go to the FIB store. You need to exit from the FIB building and make your way following the pin location on your map.

Once you get there, have to destroy two fuse boxes before you are able to enter. Now, after you have fused the two alarms, you can enter the FIB store where you will go to find the last 2 hardware.

Hardware Location 3

Once you are inside the store, you have to turn on your flashlight because it is so dark inside. Keep following the left side of the store where you will come to a desk beside the wall with three monitors on it.

Keep in mind that all Hardware items are Keep Flashing and you can see them using any lights.

Hardware Location 4

The last location is on the opposite side of the previous one. You can see a metal rack where the hardware is sitting on it. Go closer and pick it up.

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