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GTA 5 Online | How to Get Five Stars Wanted Level

GTA 5 Online - How to Get Five Stars Wanted Level

If you want to be the toughest criminal in GTA 5 Online, you’re going to need to cause some serious mayhem. The city of Los Santos acts as the ultimate playground for absolute chaos, with intense violence happening nearly every minute. But among the ruthless players in the game, some are having a problem reaching the height of chaos: achieving a five-star wanted level. Getting four wanted stars will bring heavy heat on you, and the fuzz is excellent in taking you down. But getting five stars isn’t as hard as you might think. Here are a few notes for you to consider if you’re trying to get a five-star wanted level.

How to Get Five Stars in GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 Online How to Get Five Stars

For this guide, you’re going to need to assemble a few weapons and tools before you start causing some trouble. Firstly, go to a convenience store and purchase as many snacks as you can. This will help replenish your health once you have an open window during a fight. Secondly, head to the nearest gun store to stack up on ammo and body armor vests. Buy as much ammo as you can for machine guns, rockets, and shotguns. Additionally, load up on grenades, proximity mines, remote explosives, and molotov cocktails. These are all ideal in your fight to fend off the cops. You’re going to have helicopters and SWAT teams coming after you, so get what you can if you’re trying to reach five stars.

Once you’re good to go, equip your strongest armor and select your preferred weapons to quickly switch your loadout if you get yourself caught in a tight spot. Lastly, find yourself a vehicle then head to the airport.

The Los Santos International Airport is filled with innocent civilians and patrolling guards. This is where the fun begins. Killing a guard will instantly grant you three stars, which in turn will bring the vicious police on you. With your vehicle, drive over the fences then hightail toward the hanger with the cargo plane.

Upon arrival, park your car next to the left hanger door, then head up the stairway to the top level of the hangar. Helicopters and squad cars should be nearby, so place proximity mines wherever you think the cops will come from. Place an additional one by the top of the stairs, as well. As soon as they enter the hangar, use your machine guns and rocket launchers to wipe them out. You have the high ground, so try and aim for headshots to quickly dispose of them. If a squad car is close, toss a throwable to blow it up, thus killing more enemies in the process.

By now, you should have four stars, and the SWAT reinforcements will start to charge in. Deal with them as you please, but do it quickly. They won’t hesitate on getting as close as they can to you. Consequently, your health is probably low. Try to take cover and stuff yourself with snacks, along with new body armor to bring your health back up to speed through the Interaction Menu. Make sure to also take down the helicopters with a rocket launcher; soldiers will eventually start to repel down. Kill enough of these guys and the five stars will finally be awarded to you. Good luck escaping, though. A few shots from them will soon stamp a WASTED screen before you even have a chance to reload.

GTA V Online Five Stars Wanted Level

However, if you’re aren’t fond of taking the high ground at the hangar, you can always lock yourself within a convenience store. They’ll have a corner near the back of the store that will allow you to peek in and out of as cops will frequently rush into the store. All you need to do is walk in, kill the cashier, then the police will start to arrive on the scene. Go to your corner and ready yourself with throwables and shotguns. Blind firing is your best friend here, for a simple molotov toss with some shotgun fire can really hold off the force. This might take some time, but it’s almost a guaranteed way to get five stars. Again, good luck trying to escape. And even if you do, get ready for a ride of your life in Los Santos.

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Written by Andrew Smith