GTA 5: Prologue Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

The three friends come up with a plan to rob a cash storage facility. They will have to scare hostages and fight with the police to get the money that they want. Robbing the facility is the easy part. Once you head outside, there will be waves of police after you.

There are no Gold Medal requirements for this mission, you simply just have to play the whole mission through. Here is what you need to know about the Prologue and more for this mission for GTA 5 .

Prologue Mission Guide (Gold Medal) – GTA 5

You will start off the game as Michael. Aim your crosshairs at the hostages to make them move into the room so that Brad can lock them inside.

Trevor will then place down explosives that you can detonate using your phone, creating an entrance to the vault.

Head on over to the vault by continuing down the corridor. Approach the table at the end to begin placing the piles of money into your bags.

Upon exiting the vault, Michael will be subdued by a guard and you will have to switch to Trevor and shoot the guard to release Michael.

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Continue down the hallway. Brad will detonate the door while you duck and cover.

This opens the door to the garage which you can use to reach the outside.

Upon exiting the building, multiple cars will arrive which will contain police officers that will engage you in a gunfight. You need to get to your getaway car down the road.

Clear a path forward as you keep gunning down any cop that tries to stop you and arrive at your car.

After a quick cutscene, you will be in control of the car. Keep following the yellow path on your mini-map until a train derails your escape.

You’ll be forced out of your car and be in control of Trevor. Brad and Michael are shot and are bleeding out on the ground.

You can try to hold off the cops for a bit, but you will eventually be forced to retreat.

After a couple more cutscenes, the chapter will end with Trevor getting away while the other two ar caught by the police.

Written by Borut Udovic

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