GTA 5: Surveying The Score Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

In all their years of committing crime, Michael, Trevor and Lester have always dreamed of pulling off “The Big One”. A heist that involves so much money that they may become set for life and possibly be hunted down by the government indefinitely.

They’ve chosen to rob the Union Depository for their biggest heist yet and need to get as much details as possible if they want to be successful. Here is everything you need to know about the Surveying The Score mission and how to get its Gold Medal in GTA 5.

Surveying The Score Mission Guide (Gold Medal) – GTA 5

Gold Medal Objectives

Keep in mind the following objectives throughout the level to get a Gold Medal at the end:

  • Perfect Distance: Follow the vans without being warned on distance.
  • Cavity Search: Find the construction hole within 20 seconds.
  • Under the Bridge: Fly under the bridge whilst following the security vans.
  • Tunnel Flight: Fly through the tunnel whilst following the security vans.
  • Time: Complete within 11:00.

Mission Synopsis

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor get together in Trevor’s office at the Vanilla Unicorn. Lester arrives to help them plan the heist of the Union Depository, known as “The Big One.”

You will begin the gameplay as Michael driving a car with Franklin as your passenger and drive to the Union Depository. Lester wants them to investigate how tight the security around it is.

After getting a good view of the bank, you will need to drive to the Arcadius Center where you can scope out the back of the bank. Michael and Franklin will see that security is a bit light here as well.

You will then switch to Trevor who is driving with Lester to his airfield. Once at the airfield, you will have to head into the helicopter and use it to fly to Murrieta Heights.

There will be a couple of vans that you need to tail. Lester wants to see if there’s any good place on their route that they can use to ambush the vans.

Make sure to not stray too far from the vans and to fly under the bridge during your pursuit for the Gold Medal of this mission.

At one point during the chase, they will lose sight of the vans as they pass through a tunnel. You can circle around the tunnel and wait for them at the other side, however if you want the Gold Medal you will have to pass through the inside of the tunnel with the helicopter.

The vans will eventually reach their destination and Lester will want you to look for a construction site with a large hole. It’s at the parking lot to the east of the building.

Stay still for a bit while Lester takes some footage of the construction hole. Now all you have to do is return to the airfield. Lester will solidify his plans for the heist and leaves.

You will then be switched to Michael again and you have to drive Franklin back to his house, which will end the mission.

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