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GTA Online | How to Get the Taser

GTA Online Taser Stun Gun Guide

There’s no shortage for a player’s armory in GTA Online, especially when it comes to new and deadly additions. With Dr. Dre coming into the picture, so does the array of new tools of chaos that Franklin and the company can equip. One such tool, the taser, is one that any criminal can keep on the side when the professional negotiations turn crazy. But how can you unlock the new taser? The Contract DLC will offer such a great weapon, and we’ll show you how you can obtain a stun gun for yourself.

How to Get the Taser in GTA Online

GTA Online How to Get the Taser

The taser in GTA Online is part of The Contract DLC, so to get it, you’ll need an armory from your agency. Buy an agency, then head to the armory where you can purchase the taser. Just remember, the first big requirement is unlocking The Contract DLC, which continues the saga of Franklin Clinton and his rise to groovy power. Without it, you can’t gain access to the new armory.

The real hangup, aside from the cost of the stun gun itself, is buying an agency. These properties are pretty pricey, starting around $2 million. But if you’ve been in the Grand Theft Auto Online game for this long, it’ll be nothing but some penny change to you and the crew.

With the new The Contract DLC, there are some new features that you’ll definitely want to check out. The inclusion of the taser/stun gun is one aspect to look forward to, especially with its stealthy and deadly usage that can be severely damaging to those on the other end. The taser/stun gun will see you at about $300,000 and more so be ready to cough up some heavy dough if you’re looking to add this weapon to your inventory.

The taser is one of just many new and recent additions the world of GTA Online. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out more of our guides right here:

Written by Andrew Smith