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GTA Online | How to Pick Up Snowballs

GTA Online - How to Pick Up Snowballs

Snow is a rare delicacy in Los Santos. The normally hot and sunny GTA Online setting has gotten covered in a fine white powder. And not the stuff we’d expect from the Los Santos Drug Wars expansion! Like it has every year, this snow allows players to throw snowballs at one another in GTA Online. These only do a small amount of damage, causing flinching and general mischief throughout the town. If you want to join in the fun, we can help out!

How to Pick Up Snowballs in GTA Online

How to Pick Up Snowballs in GTA Online

In order to pick up snowballs, you’ll need to make sure you’re unarmed first. By default, pressing left on a PlayStation’s D-pad, right on an Xbox’s D-pad, or G on PC will let you collect a handful of snow from the ground. This will add the “snowball” weapon to your weapon wheel. Select it from the wheel and aim it just like you’d aim a pistol.

Most collections of snow will let you create snowballs, but not always. If you are sure that you are unarmed, try out a few different piles of snow before checking your key binds. Relatively clean streets can prevent you from collecting snowballs from the floor. But you can usually find supplies of snow most parts of Los Santos.

On controller, picking up a snowball will either be the left or right direction on your d-pad. Try each direction if you’re using a controller on PC; it is not always the same button as cycling your weapon wheel!

Snowballs are a consumable weapon, similar to a grenade. Once you run out of ammunition, you will have to craft more by rolling it up on the ground. You can store nine snowballs at a time… Which is not quite enough to beat a player to death. You can kill a pedestrian with just three snowballs. Be careful, someone’s putting rocks in these!

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Written by Andrew Smith