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Basically, by doing the story, there’s a quest in Chapter 1, for which, players will need to get a charged battery from somewhere. The charged battery can then be used for the Thumper of Rocket. While the objective may be clear, the quest is sort of designed like a puzzle. One thing players overlook when it comes down to finding things, and that’s Star-Lord’s helmet scanner.

Where To Find A Charged Battery – Guardians Of The Galaxy

Like I said before, all you need to do is use the Star-Lord’s helmet scanner and use that to find a battery. There will be a lot of clues around in the area.

During the quest when Rocket will start tinkering with the bomb, turn around to the opposite wall. Engage your helmet scanner by clicking R3. You’ll see a yellow area on the screen.

Below it, you’ll find a lot of batteries scattered around, hinting that you might find some at the top as well. Well, that’s basically it. Shoot that yellow thing, and the whole thing will break.

From above, a charged battery will fall down. Pick up the charged battery, and then make your way back to Rocket and place it near the thumper.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to do some defending. Enemies will start spawning in at a fast rate, and you’ll need to protect the thumper at all costs.

TIP: You’ll need the helmet scanner for the majority of gameplay. Make sure to use it anytime you will need to find something of interest.

Additionally, there will be a lot of quests similar to this one in the later stages of the game as well, as Rocket will most of the time need some sort of a device or a part that will be needed to power his weapons.

This missions is interesting, especially the banter between both characters as soon as you bring Rocket the charged battery, which I won’t reveal any spoilers for.

Written by Borut Udovic

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