Guardians of The Galaxy: Fog Cave | How to Escape Looping Cave with Blue Fog

The infamous blue fog will appear in the more late-game chapters, and there will be a couple of areas where you might come across it. In some cases, if you don’t really complete the puzzle, you might be stuck in there for awhile, which isn’t too bad, but the issue is that enemies will spawn at a very fast rate here. The different areas with the blue fog can be solved differently.

How To Escape Looping Cave With Blue Fog – Guardians Of The Galaxy

Like I said, there will be a couple of areas at which the fog will appear. Each can be solved differently, but it does seem like the later areas are more complicated to solve.

For the first one, what you need to do is: Don’t respond. Yes, that’s basically it. Other characters will be starting a dialogue with you, and whichever enemies you mention will spawn. So, refrain from starting a dialogue at all.

Simply wait, and the fog will clear up slowly but surely.

The second fog area is a bit more difficult, that is, if you’re not aware of the two small openings in the wall. Clones of yourself will keep spawning here until you send Rocket to go into those two entrances from where he’ll shoot something and the fog will clear up.

I suggest using you helmet scanner here, and looking for yellow parts in this area. You’ll come across two entrances where you can prompt Rocket to go in. The one with the water should be done as the second one because Rocket will not accept going in lightly.

Just complete the other one, and keep prompting Rocket to go into the second one. Eventually, he’ll go in, despite his fear of the water.

After Rocket’s done, switch to your Windshot and pull of that green gem from above. Basically, destroy the rest of the statue.

Written by Borut Udovic

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