Guardians of The Galaxy: Reach Cosmo’s Tower | Get to Security Tower in Knowhere

By following the story, players will find themselves in Knowhere. At this point, they will have to get to a certain security tower, more specifically, Cosmo’s tower. But there are no waypoints in this game, or at least for this mission. So, players are kind of dropped in a certain place with little to no detail as to where this tower is. But in typical Guardians Of The Galaxy fashion, you will have to find certain clues in the area to get to Cosmo’s tower. Thankfully, we know the way!

Reach Cosmo’s Tower | How To Get To Security Tower in Knowhere – GOTG

After getting into a bar, you might find yourself in a certain situation with some other guardians. After that whole ordeal is when you’ll need to make your way to Cosmo’s tower.

When you exit the bar, take a right and then a right again. You’ll go through what appears to be a small alleyway. Don’t go down on the right after the alleyway, but continue to the left, where the stairs are.

Once you’ve climbed the stairs, you’ll need to take a right once again. Walk along the edge and keep moving forward until you get to the next stairs. This is the entrance to the security tower in Knowhere, or in clearer terms, Cosmo’s tower.

If you’re having trouble finding the tower, use the video from above. However, the path is pretty simple from the bar in Knowhere to the actual tower, but still.

After that, a cutscene will start, and you’ll soon be able to get into Cosmo’s tower.

Written by Borut Udovic

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