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Gunfire Reborn Crossplay | Is There Cross-Platform Support?

Gunfire Reborn Crossplay - Is There Cross-Platform Support?

With 505 Games handling publishing rights for Gunfire Reborn to appear on consoles, players are beginning to wonder if crossplay will be a part of the package. The game originally appeared on PC for Steam Early Access in 2020 and started to receive positive reception from fans. Two years later today, the anthropomorphic adventure comes to the Xbox Game Pass. So, can we expect crossplay capabilities for Gunfire Reborn now that it’s on PC and Xbox?

Does Gunfire Reborn Have Crossplay?

Does Gunfire Reborn Have Crossplay?

Unfortunately, Gunfire Reborn doesn’t support crossplay, at least at this time. Since it was released on PC, cross-platform support was most likely not on the table at the time. It seems that Windows and Xbox players can link up, though. However, Steam players and PC Game Pass users won’t be able to invite one another until such a feature is implemented in the future.

Despite the fact that crossplay is currently nonexistent in Gunfire Reborn, there is some hope that cross-platform support will eventually happen. Publisher 505 Games and developer Duoyi Games announced last year in November that the game will show up on consoles.

“[505 Games and Duoyi Games] will introduce console audiences to Gunfire Reborn’s booming blend of ability-based hero shooter and roguelite, all rendered in a striking cel-shaded aesthetic,” wrote Jason Ryan of 505 Games. “Play solo or cooperatively with up to three other players in a highly replayable romp through gorgeous environments.”

This statement indicates that Gunfire Reborn will appear on more than just Xbox consoles. Given the game’s indie nature, it’s possible that we could see it on PlayStation and Switch devices somewhere. It’s also available on mobile devices for both iOS and Android. It seems that the teams are bringing the title to any possible platform.

Gunfire Reborn was just released on Xbox Game Pass, so it’s relatively fresh in the eyes of console players. In the meantime, we can always refer to the Gunfire Reborn Twitter page for any further updates. Additionally, you can report any suspicious bugs that you might’ve encountered during your runs.

Whether you’re playing as the Crown Prince, Ao Bai, Qing Yan, or any of the other heroes in Gunfire Reborn, it never hurts to have a few extra tips to keep in mind:

Written by Andrew Smith