How to Get Psyche in Hades 2

Melinoe Meditation in Hades 2
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Absorbing the might of all Olympus is crucial to Melinoe’s mission in Hades 2. This includes manifesting as much Psyche as possible before taking on the Titan of Time, Chronus. With it, players can expand their Grasp in the game, enabling further Arcana Card utilization.

However, as with many other resources in Hades 2, Psyche doesn’t merely appear. Melinoe must find it, though there are several ways to do so. Here are the methods you need to know in order to obtain Psyche.

How to Get Psyche in Hades 2

Hades 2 with Psyche Gate
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Psyche is a reagent Melinoe can collect as she explores the Underworld in Hades 2. You can accumulate this resource by playing through particular sections of the game. These include the Encounters bearing the resource’s symbol, which yields an amount, while the Wretched Broker offers some as part of his wares. Of course, there are other ways to obtain Psyche, and exploring each option is essential.

Clearing Encounters for Psyche

As mentioned before, progressing through Encounters in Hades 2 is one way to acquire Psyche. You can accomplish this by approaching one of the gates leading into the next room during a run. Look for the gate displaying Psyche’s icon. What naturally follows is to survive in the next room to receive the resource as a reward.

Of course, if you fail a run, you lose your chance at acquiring the resource in question. Be mindful of your health and any Chaos-infused effects that might hinder your combative flow.

Speak with the Wretched Broker

Wretched Broker Wages with Psyche in Hades 2
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The Crossroads is home to many Shades, gods, and other beings who dwell in the Underworld. One such individual is the Wretched Broker, stationed by the river to sell certain items. As the Fates would have it, the Broker holds Psyche as an option. For x5 of the resource, he requires 30x purple-colored Bones in return. These, too, can be obtained during your runs in Hades 2.

Additionally, players can purchase one Nectar whenever they visit the Broker. Only one can exist in rotation, so remember to stop by if you want to acquire more Keepsakes.

Save the Lost Shades

Upon running through Erebus, you’ll encounter shied Shades who haven’t entered the Underworld yet. Whether it’s from a tragic end or another means, these Shades need saving. Luckily, Melinoe can rescue them with the Tablet of Peace, thus performing a ritual to bring them back to the Crossroads.

This tool is acquired early in the game, and it’s one of few that Melinoe can bring along for a run. Depending on the resource you’re looking for, sometimes, choosing the Crescent Pick over the Tablet of Peace is necessary. For this reason, check your inventory before exiting the Crossroads to see what you need.

Complete the Prophecies

Completing Prophecies in Hades 2
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The Sisters of Fate may only know a certain truth, yet the tasks from the Fated List propel Melinoe to seek out her destiny. After exiting Melinoe’s room, the list of prophecies you can fulfill hangs in the Crossroads. Some of these, depending on the requirements, reward you with Psyche. You can take a look whenever you resurrect back in Melinoe’s room.

Lord Charon Provides Psyche

Hades 2, Lord Charon Chest in Crossroads
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There will come a time when Lord Charon decides to expand his trading business to the Crossroads. This comes after you’ve received your first Obol Points card from Charon. He’ll present this once you’ve spent 1,000 Gold Crowns on his wares. Only then can you inspect his inventory in the Crossroads.

You can locate Lord Charon’s chest by the river, right near the Broker’s station when unlocked. Charon’s Gold Reward Shop is the name of the establishment. You can find an option to purchase Psyche with a couple of Obol Points cards.

It’s important to note that Charon needs time to deliver the goods. With this in mind, it’s best to leave Charon’s Gold Reward Shop as a last resort if you’re ready to start spending cards.

Channel Your Arcana

With your garnered Psyche, attend to the stone altar sitting between the Crossroads and Schelemeus’ training area. Melinoe will focus on herself as you explore the different Arcana Cards. Melinoe’s Grasp begins with a power of 10, though that number can steadily increase with spent Psyche.

Start a New Run in Hades 2
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Select your cards from the left of the screen, then level up Melinoe with the section to the right. Watch as you progressively evolve Melinoe, allowing you to wield more cards that will surely help during your Encounters in Hades 2. Furthermore, you can enable God Mode to build resistance to enemy damage continuously. This stat increases with each run, though other ways exist to advance Melinoe’s capabilities.


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