How to Fish in Hades 2

Catch Fish Mechanic, Hades 2
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Melinoe (as well as the Fates) must collect various resources to defeat Chronos in Hades 2. Doing so enhances her abilities and chances of conquering her grandfather. Before approaching the Titan of Time, however, she must continuously evolve her skills. And among those skills is the ability to catch fish, an activity that returns in the Hades sequel.

During moments of zen and recreation, Melinoe can stop by a body of water for a fishing session. In truth, catching fish allows Melinoe to acquire Bones from the Wretched Broker. Bones serve as ingredients for the Mercantile and Kinship Fortune Incantations, both of which permit the aforementioned Broker to appear and sell desirable goods. With this in mind, here’s how to fish in Hades 2.

How to Fish in Hades 2

The Cauldron of the Crossroads Gateway Incantation, Hades 2
Image Credit: Supergiant Games.

In Hades 2, Melinoe can catch fish using the Rod of Fishing (or a fishing rod to keep things simple). Our heroine can wield this tool as she travels through Erebus and beyond. However, she won’t wield this implement until the Permeation of Witching-Wards Incantation is unlocked. As the graphic above exemplifies, this unlocks the ability to traverse “warded” gateways.

The Trick to Fishing with Melinoe

To start fishing, approach any ripples in a body of water in Hades 2. The mechanics work a little differently in Supergiant Games’ action roguelike, but the process is simple. Cast your bait into the water, then wait for a fish to bite onto it. The fish will surface for a moment. As soon as the aquatic creature dives back into the water, trigger the “catch” button to capture it. First-time jitters may occur, though rest assured you’ll quickly get your hands on a Moper to trade in for some Bones with the Wretched Broker.

Items for the Permeation of Witching-Wards Incantation

Hades 2, Melinoe Works with Cauldron of Crossroads
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You’ll need three resources to attain the Permeation of Witching-Wards Incantation: Cinder, Shadows, and Moly. The latter requires three, while the other two suffice with one. Serving as another Silver Pool tool, the fishing rod is only available once you mark off the Incantation in question.

Moly is a material you’ll gather as you progress through Erebus. No special implements are required to grab some, either. You’ll receive Cinder by defeating Hecate, the Guardian of Erebus. As with Moly, Cinder is also relatively easy to accumulate. As for Shadow, turn to the aforementioned Cauldron to extract the source with Ashes, Fate Fabrics, and Psyche in Hades 2.

Specifically, 30x Ashes, 30x Psyche, and 3x Fate Fabrics are required, all of which you’ve likely already gathered by simply playing Hades 2. Ashes and Psyche easily clock in chunks as you complete one room after another. Fate Fabrics, on the other hand, are available through the Wretched Broker.

Mining Bronze on Surface in Hades 2
Image Credit: Supergiant Games.

Finally, Bronze and two Fate Fabrics are needed to assemble the fishing rod. You can find the first material by locating Bronze Ores on the Surface. Be careful if you have yet to apply a particular Incantation to wither the Surface due to Melinoe’s underworld status. Your time up there will be brief. Of course, Fate Fabrics are available through the Wretched Broker for 60 Bones a piece.

May moonlight guide us as you make your runs through Hades 2. There’s plenty of trouble ahead for Melinoe to confront, so be sure to utilize the Incantations to evolve her efforts in taking down Chronos.


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