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Hades | How to Pardon Sisyphus

Hades pardon Sisyphus

The king of old, humbled by his eternal punishment in hell, is a staunch ally in Hades. Showing up in Tartarus in special “!” doors, Sisyphus has been sentenced to push a boulder up a hill for eternity. Considering how nice he is now, that simply will not do! If you’re wondering how to pardon Sisyphus in Hades, then this guide will let you know what’s required.

How to Pardon Sisyphus in Hades

How to pardon Sisyphus in Hades

In order to pardon Sisyphus in Hades, you must first befriend him with a lot of Nectar. Keep giving the king nectar, and eventually you’ll advance his storyline far enough to learn about his file in the Admin Chamber. If you haven’t already, you must also purchase access to the Administrative Chamber from the House Contract for two Diamonds. Then, you must have conversations with Meg, Hades, and Nyx concerning Sisyphus, until Nyx tells you about his file’s location. Only after that can you grant his pardon in exchange for four Diamonds at the house contractor.

Sisyphus is the Special room of Tartarus, which appears randomly, making completing this task difficult. Make sure to give him a Nectar whenever you visit to make sure you’re progressing; you need to give him six to get to the Pardoning stage. You will also need to talk to Bouldy. While you do not have to give Bouldy any Nectar, he still needs to be talked to when Sisyphus asks you to.

Then, you have some problems with the other members of the House. You’ll need to exhaust their Dialogue options until you get back to Sisyphus. This may take a few runs, but don’t worry! They will talk about the King at some point. You may need to get Meg up to 5 hearts to get story progress.

Completing Sisyphus’s pardon will get you 4 Ambrosia and completionist bonuses. It will cost you around 11 Nector (for Sisyphus and Meg), 6 Diamonds (For the Admin Chamber and his file), and quite a few runs! Make this a long-term goal, rather than trying to unlock it quickly!

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Written by Andrew Smith