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Hades Legendary Boons | List and Prerequisites

Legendary Boons

During a standard run of Hades, you might run into dozens of godly Boons. These are essential if you want to get out of Hades. However, if you’re lucky, you might win enough godly favor to get Legendary Boons. These rare commodities are not essential to have… but they’ll give you an advantage! If you notice a lot of rewards for the same god, then use this guide to help you choose some Legendaries!

All Legendary Boons in Hades

In Hades, to get a Legendary Boon, you must meet the gods’ prerequisites. These are boons of lower tiers that the god offers that you must have to get the Legendary, so grab them early. After you get the Legendary, feel free to sell the prerequisites if you need coin!

List of Boons

  • Aphrodite – Unhealthy Fixation: Has a chance to Charm foes
    • Requires: One of each
      • Passion Dash, Crush Shot, Heartbreak Strike, Heartbreak Flourish, or Passion Flare
      • Empty Inside, Sweet Surrender, or Broken Resolve
  • Ares – Vicious Cycle: Blade Rift deals more damage per hit.
    • Requires: One of each
      • Slicing Shot, Blade Dash, or Ares’ Aid
      • Black Metal or Engulfing Vortex
  • Artemis – Fully Loaded: You gain +2 Cast Ammo
    • Requires: Two of the following
      • Hunter’s Mark, Exit Wound, or Support Fire
  • Athena – Divine Protection: You gain a barrier every 20 seconds that negates a hit.
    • Requires: Two of the following
      • Divine Strike, Divine Flourish, Divine Dash, or Holy Shield
      • Brilliant Riposte
  • Demeter – Winter Harvest: Enemies with Chill explode at 10% health, inflicting Chill in the explosion.
    • Requires: One of each
      • Frost Strike, Frost Flourish, Mistral Dash, Demeter’s Aid, or Snow Burst
      • Killing Freeze or Arctic Blast
  • Dionysus – Black Out: Enemies with Hangover take more damage in Festive Fog.
    • Requires: One of each
      • Bad Influence, Dionysus’ Aid, Drunken Flourish, Drunken Strike, Numbing Sensation, or Peer Pressure
      • High Tolerance or Trippy Shot
  • Hermes – Greater Recall: Your Cast Ammo automatically returns.
    • Requires: Each
      • You have activated Infernal Soul in the Dark Mirror
      • Flurry Cast or Quick Reload
  • Hermes – Bad News: Your cast deals more damage to enemies without Cast Ammo in them.
    • Requires: Each
      • You have activated Stygian Soul in the Dark Mirror
      • Auto Reload
  • Poseidon – Second Wave: Your knock-away effects push twice.
    • Requires: One of each
      • Flood Shot, Poseidon’s Aid, Tempest Flourish, Tempest Strike, or Tidal Dash
      • Breaking Wave, Razor Shoals, or Typhoon’s Fury
  • Poseidon – Huge Catch: You are just the best at fishing. You have huge chances of finding fish
    • Requires: Both
      • Ocean’s Bounty and Sunken Treasure
  • Zeus – Splitting Bolt: Your lightning effects create another burst
    • Requires: One of each
      • Storm Lightning
      • Double Strike or High Voltage
  • Chaos – Defiance: You gain +1 Death Defiance slot for this encounter. You must still defeat Chaos’s encounter-based challenge before you gain the benefit.
    • Requires:
      • Any Chaos Boon

For clarification, “one of each” means you must take one from the first list before the second list unlocks.

Legendary Boons aren’t too strong; Zeus’s is great, but the others are niche. Don’t sacrifice a run for a Legendary Boon, because most will only sort-of help. (This list was made for the 1.0 release. If Supergiant Games makes any more Legendary Boons, we will add them to the list!)

Written by Andrew Smith