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Hades | How to Reunite Nyx and Chaos

Hades nyx and chaos

Nyx is a great parent figure for Zagreus in Hades. She’s loyal to his father, but always ready to help him out of a tight jam. That being said, Nyx has some issues with her own creator, similar to Zagreus. Nyx and Chaos have had a falling out. But, over the course of your escape attempts, you’ll learn more and more about their relationship. And eventually, Chaos is going to want to see their daughter again. Learn how to get to that point here!

How to Reunite Nyx and Chaos in Hades

Hades nyx and chaos

In order to reunite Nyx and Chaos, you need to build their relationship by giving them gifts of Nectar. Chaos can only be given Nectar when you visit their dimension, and Nyx can only be given Nectar at the House of Hades. Once they are each at their locks, you can guide them together by completing the Eldest Sigil Restoration house contract for 3,142 Darkness.

Reuniting the two elder gods takes quite a bit of time and resources. You’ll need a total of six Nectar for each of the entities for 12 Nectar total. If that wasn’t annoying enough, to befriend Chaos, you’ll need to constantly enter their realm through Chaos Gates, which typically only appear randomly. That’s okay, because Chaos’s boons are quite powerful! Head there whenever you have the chance and can spare the health.

The cost of the Eldest Sigil Restoration is quite steep; 3,142 Darkness is a lot of perk points! You can use a Key on the Mirror to gain all your darkness back and purchase the Sigil, but that is almost certainly not worth it. Just do runs to earn your Darkness and then spend it when you feel comfortable.

Having the two gods meet completes another section of the Fated List of Minor Prophecies. This nets you four Ambrosia, which is a nice reward, though mostly for completionists. The reward also gives the minor perk of occasionally getting to see Nyx during your visits to Chaos, which seems to please the ancient being.

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Written by Andrew Smith