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Hades Rod of Fishing | How to Get

Rod of Fishing

Hades is one of the most recent rogue-lites, and is legitimately godlike. It’s got so much to do, in and out of runs. So, when you get to the point where fishing spots start appearing, you might be caught off guard. Fishing, in a rogue-lite? Yet somehow, Hades turned fishing into a complete profit-house, and a time to relax during your runs. So, how to get Rod of Fishing so you can sit back, relax, and cast a line.

How to Fish with the Rod of Fishing in Hades

In order to get the Rod of Fishing and start to fish, you must do a few runs. Once you get a diamond, then you can purchase the Rod of Fishing from the House Contractor. If it hasn’t shown up yet, you must reach the Temple of Styx, purchase the Tartarus Fountain Chamber, and get the Fated List of Minor Prophecies. Once you have all that, you’re ready to fish!

In order to actually fish, a fishing spot must spawn in the chamber. This is a really bright, glowing spot in the waters of the chamber, and Zagreus will comment about it. Move up to it, and hit RB (or the Interact button) to start. Catch your prey once the bobber goes underwater, and you’ve got yourself a catch!

The fish are given to the house chef in return for rewards. The chef can give you Jewels, Keys, Nectar, and Darkness. As expected, the amount changes based on how rare the fishing spot is.

In addition, the Legendary Boon of Poseidon “Huge Catch” gives a higher chance for fishing spots to spawn and eliminates the prerequisite for chambers between fishing spots. However… that takes a ton of boons. Don’t build for it too hard!

The Rod of Fishing is definitely worth the diamond. You have a basically infinite resource, with a chance to net you a gigantic pile of rewards! Make sure you’re always ready for the next big catch!

Written by Andrew Smith