Halo Infinite Co-op Flight Is Coming in July for Insiders

Halo Infinite Co-Op Flight is Coming in July for Insiders
Photo Credit: Microsoft

When Halo Infinite launched last year, it did so without cooperative play. 343 Industries confirmed today that the co-op would release later this year. A test flight for the Halo Infinite co-op is scheduled for Halo insiders in July.

Halo Infinite Co-Op Flight is Coming in July for Insiders
Photo Credit: Microsoft

The Halo Infinite co-op is one of two key features that didn’t exist at the game’s launch. Forge mode was also not available. There is no news regarding when to expect Forge mode.

One key thing to possibly consider is the wording in the announcement Tweet:

The Halo Infinite co-op test flight specifically mentions network co-op. While there’s no reason to presume that local co-op won’t be available soon, it’s something to watch.

The second season of Halo Infinite launched recently, featuring new maps and game modes.

If you want to register for the upcoming test, be sure to update your Halo Insider profile.

The addition of Halo Infinite co-op should breathe some life into the game. In our review, we liked the game but still had concerns:

“Halo Infinite is a divisive game that offers some of the highest of highs and lowest of lows the franchise has seen. The decision to make Infinite an open-world game is a rousing success that complements gunplay and enemy design perfectly well. The abilities, particularly the grapple shot, are the best addition the franchise has ever seen. Ultimately, though, Infinite is brought down by a third act that succumbs to poor narrative choices and a lack of centralized focus in direction.”

Co-operative gameplay would have helped with some of the game’s issues.


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