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Will There Be Halo Infinite Cross-Play Between PC and Xbox?

Halo Infinite Cross-Play

Perhaps one of the biggest first-party Microsoft titles in recent memory is Halo Infinite. Not only will it be headlining the Xbox Series X launch, but it will also be the first new addition to the series in a few years. With Xbox promoting its “Play Anywhere” mantra as we head into next-gen, a lot of players are wondering if there will be Halo Infinite cross-play between PC and Xbox One. Let’s take a look.

Will Halo Infinite Have Cross-Play With PC?

At the time of writing, there is no confirmed Halo Infinite cross-play between Xbox One and PC. However, since Team Xbox has been a leader in cross-platform play discussions and has been marketing the “Play Anywhere” tagline, it seems likely that Halo Infinite will have cross-play at launch. That being said, we cannot say for sure yet, but will likely no more in the coming weeks and months as the game’s release date get’s closer and closer.

Further, despite recent rumors, we do know that Halo Infinite will have a four-player, split-screen multiplayer mode at launch. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more details on the multiplayer options quite yet, but with a few more months left until launch, we’ll likely hear more about it for 343 down the line.

The first bit of gameplay for Halo Infinite was revealed during the Xbox Series X July showcase, offering players an eight-minute look at the upcoming game. If you missed the reveal, you can catch the video at the top of the article. To sum it up, players will play as Master Chief, who is equipped with an impressive grappling hook, and will be fighting against The Banished. For those that aren’t long time fans of the series, The Banished were first introduced in Halo Wars 2 and are one of the strongest groups on enemies in the series history.

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Written by Andrew Smith