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Halo Infinite | How to Add Friends

Halo Infinite add friends

Halo Infinite has a few great mechanics, but it comes with a few headaches. Crossplay is always nice to have, but it makes parties a bit rough. The process to add friends by itself is a little bit confusing, and to bring them into your party can be a whole ‘nother thing! So, let’s get your friends together for some modern-day Halo!

How to Add Friends on Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite add friends

In order to add friends in Halo Infinite, you’ll need to search for their Xbox gamer tag or have them already added as a friend on Steam. If you’re doing cross-platform play, you’ll need their gamer tag. Then, if you want to invite them to your party, the PC player must be the party leader during the open beta of Infinite, or else the party will not form. Their tags will show up in the Social tab.

The issue with crossplay is that it really doesn’t play well with Steam. If you want to add your Xbox friends to your Social tab with the Steam copy, you’ll need to use the Xbox Game Bar, accessible by hitting the Windows key + G. You’ll then be able to search for your friends via their gamer tag. Hopefully, your Steam account will automatically link itself to your Game Bar options. If not, you may need to restart Steam or your computer before the programs will recognize each other.

From there, it’s important to remember that the PC player needs to be the one to invite the friends to the party. For some reason, during the open beta, Xbox players just can’t be the party leader right now. This is very likely to change soon! But, have the PC player open the Social tab on the Xbox Game Bar App and choose to invite your friends to your group. Alternatively, a player on Steam can head to the “Friends” tab in Social and choose to invite friends from Steam or Discord.

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Written by Andrew Smith