Halo Infinite Multiplayer Has People Frustrated

Cheaters, Progression Issue Has People Frustrated with Halo Infinite Multiplayer

It’s been over a week since the launch of Halo Infinite multiplayer. A lot of people are enjoying the experience, but not everyone is happy.

Fans are expressing their concerns with their experiences in Halo Infinite. Despite loving the game and what it was to offer, external factors are at play that are frustrating their experiences. Two main issues are at hand: cheating and the battle pass.

First, there’s the issue with cheaters.

(Content Warning: Language)

The above clips showcase issues with both aimbots and wall hacks. Developer 343 address their plans for anti-cheat earlier this year via a PC overview of Halo Infinite. Their concerns are based on fostering a healthy community between PC and console players. In addition, they’re trying to avoid complex a DRM system in respect of players’ privacy.

Second, there’s the frustration people are having with battle pass progression and character customization.

Technically, the game is still in beta form. There’s still optimism that things will change when it receives its “proper launch,” even if that optimism is hopeless and naive. 343 Industries has been silent on both matters, but there appears to be a good reason: they’re off for Thanksgiving.

Indications are that we’ll receive updates regarding anti-cheat and the battle pass for Halo Infinite after the break. Again, as mentioned earlier, this is still technically a beta, albeit a very polished one.

We’re in the process of writing up our current thoughts on Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. Like everyone else, we’re enjoying the gameplay, but are frustrated with the battle pass and progression system.


Written by Jake Valentine

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