Halo Infinite on PC Has a Bug That Removes Aim Assist

Halo Infinite on PC has a Bug that Removes Aim Assist

While Halo Infinite’s multiplayer seems to be a beta in name only, there are still some bugs cropping up every now and then. While some are minor (people’s banners are being cropped on the screen), this one isn’t. Players using a controller on PC are having their aim assist disabled.

Apparently, if you start the game with your keyboard instead of a controller, the PC version disables the aim assist.

There’s no way to re-enable the aim assist, either. I spent a solid ten to fifteen minutes looking for any option to no avail. Presumably, this is to not give mouse and keyboard players an extra advantage over their controller counterparts. This is especially important considering crossplay is enabled between Xbox and PC players.

Aim assist for console players, or those who prefer it on PC was supposed to give them a level playing field against mouse and keyboard users.

343 Industries have yet to comment, but the embedded tweet is filled with replies of people experiencing the same issues.

A Reddit thread from earlier this week had people also experiencing a lack of controller aim assist. When it comes to personal experience, I swapped from mouse and keyboard to controller mid-session and it felt like I was playing without aim assist. Booting up on console later that day, aim assist was alive and well to carry me to victory.

Here’s to hoping the bug is fixed soon. In the meantime, if you’re playing on a PC and want to use a controller, keep your hands off the keyboard at all times.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer launch has been pretty successful thus far. For those of you using a controller, hopefully, this will help you out on the battlefield.


Written by Jake Valentine

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