Halo: Infinite’s Campaign Won’t Let You Replay Levels at Launch

Halo: Infinite's Campaign Won't Let You Replay Levels at Launch

When Halo: Infinite launches on December 8th, it’ll be missing more than just co-operative play for Forge. Polygon is reporting that players won’t be able to replay specific missions, either.

Speaking with the publication, a Microsoft representative confirmed the news to the site. “The postgame does give you the option to keep exploring the wider environment, but for missions like the first two, where you’re not on the ring yet, you can’t replay from the same save file. You’d be able to get any remaining FOBs, targets, [and] audio logs, but the main story missions would not repeat.”

The representative is alluding to the fact that the first two missions in Halo: Infinite’s campaign do not take place in the main, open-world setting of the Halo ring Zeta. Logically, this makes sense for open-world games; there have been countless times I’ve played a game and been warned “hey, are you sure you want to do this because there’s no going back.” This is, however, the first time we’ve seen it in the Halo franchise.

343 Industries Associate Creative Director Paul Crocker later clarified to The Verge that this won’t be a permanent thing, however.

“We want to have replay that works well, and when you have a more open game, it gets a lot trickier,” he told the publication. “So we made a decision to improve the quality of the single-player campaign to ensure that, as a foundation, that it’s as strong as it possibly could be so that we could then add in the other features back in.”

Two of those features, co-operative gameplay and Forge mode, will be available in Halo: Infinite in May 2022 at the earliest. Presumably, we’ll see mission select available around that same time, but you know what happens when you assume.

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