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Harvestella Crawlers Location | Where to Find

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Aside from the main story missions, Harvestella keeps your hands full with plenty of side missions. For the most part, they are pretty easy, unless you’ve come across the side mission that tasks you to slay Crawlers in the Coral Shrine. While it appears to be a simple task, Crawlers aren’t as common in the Coral Shrine as you might think. That is why, in this guide, we will show you how to easily find these mysterious creatures in order to complete the mission.

Where to Find Crawlers in Harvestella

Where to Find Crawlers in Harvestella

Of course, Crawlers can be found in the Coral Shrine for this side mission. However, to save time and avoid running in circles, it’s worth noting that you don’t have to kill Crawlers specifically in that dungeon. Killing Crawlers and collecting their droppings in other dungeons also counts toward this mission. On that note, you can also find Crawlers that count towards this mission in The Silent Cave and Higan Canyon.

You can locate The Silent Cave by heading back to the shoreline by Shatolla. From there, head directly West and you’ll stumble across The Silent Cave. If you’ve already fought your way through the Coral Shrine, The Silent Cave will be no more difficult. But keep an eye out, The Silent Cave is full of hidden traps that will pit you against FEAR monsters, who will, of course, cause you problems.

Higan Canyon can be found north of Lethe Village. However, if you’re on this side mission, you’ve definitely already explored it, so returning to its location should be simple. This dungeon also has Crawlers that count toward the side mission. So either way, go to The Silent Cave or Higan Canyon to help find Crawlers for this mission. It will be much quicker than wasting your time running laps around the Coral Shrine.

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Written by Andrew Smith