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Harvestella | How to Unlock All Jobs

Harvestella - How to Unlock All Jobs

Harvestella is a life-simulator game made by Square Enix… So you know there’s gonna be a bunch of jobs that you have to master! This is a farming game mixed with insane JRPG combat, and knowing where and when you can unlock jobs will be important. Each of these jobs are fairly unique, and improve the combat feel of the game significantly. However, you don’t get to play many of them right off the bat. When can you unlock some of the jobs in Harvestella?

How to Unlock All Jobs in Harvestella

How to Unlock All Jobs in Harvestella

Jobs in Harvestella are earned by interacting with specific NPCs that you can meet in specific portions of the map. In most cases, you will learn a new class from a party member that also has the job. Each job has its own level and skill tree, so you’re going to be farming quite a bit if you want to maximize each class.

Here are all of the jobs that we currently know about in Harvestella.

  • Fighter: Learned from the start.
  • Mage: In Higan Canyon, after encountering a Unicorn.
  • Assault Savant: Learned from Aria in Bird’s Eye Brae.
  • Sky Lancer: Learned from Asyl in Nemea Town.
  • Shadow Walker: Learned from Istina in Nemea Town.
  • Mechanic: Learned from Heine in Shatolla.
  • Woglinde: Learned from Emo in Shatolla.
  • Avenger: Learned from Brakka in Holy Capital Argene.
  • Pilgrim: Learned from Shrika in Holy Capital Argene.
  • Lunamancer: Learned from Dianthus.

To equip a new class, you just have to go to your Party Tab and go to the Select Job/Equipment option. You can have three jobs equipped at once!

Other than Fighter and Mage, each of these classes are learned from party members. To learn skills from these classes, you need to both level up your job and become close with the party member that you interact with. So, for instance, to learn new skills from Sky Lancer, you need to improve your closeness to Asyl while leveling up Sky Lancer. We’d recommend leveling up the classes that are shared between you and your party members, just to make sure you can get your skill unlocks… Other than the Mage. There are no unicorn party members, unfortunately.

Written by Andrew Smith