Harvestella: How To Unlock Biomes

Harvestella is a role-playing life-simulator RPG in which players are going to create their base and explore the big open world, and of course, encounter plenty of enemies.

While playing the game, there are many areas that you will have to unlock.

Mostly you will need to unlock biomes, and there are several of them in the game.

Biomes are mostly beneficial for farming and exploring new items and enemies where you can also loot different types of items.

If you want to know How to Unlock Biomes in Harvestella, then you are in the right spot.

How To Unlock Biomes – Harvestella

There are two Waterside and Cave Biomes and many players were asking how to unlock them. These two fields are pretty useful and they will allow you to grow water side and cave crops which can’t grow on a regular field.

You have to know that these two fields can’t be used in the winter period and it is the best choice to unlock them before the first winter comes.

Before unlocking them, first you need to reach chapter 3 and then you will notice the chapter will branch out into three parts 3A, 3B, and 3C.

Once you finish the three quests from chapter 3, then you should already have the Fire Fairy on your farm, and after completing each part of chapter 3, a new fairy will move onto your farm the following day.

In order to unlock the Waterside biome, you need both the Water Fairy and the Wind Dairy to be on your farm.

To get the Wind Fairy, you will need to finish 3A, and to get the Water Fairy, you will need to finish 3B, which can be done in any order.

However, they have different difficulties and it’s always best to start from 3A.

Once both Wind and Water Fairy are on your farm, you just need to wait one more day and then there will be an event and you will have the water in the Waterside biome which mins you can start planting any water side crops in there.

Also, you will find a small suspicious lake where you will meet Sahagin who is going to give you a fishing knowledge level 2 which will allow you to catch high-quality fish more frequently.

To unlock the Cave biome, you have to go through a very similar process but for this you will need the Fire and Earth Fairy.

You will already have the Fire Fairy, and all you need to do is to finish the 3C from chapter 3, the quest with the Winter season light and then the next day the Earth Fairy will move in.

After that, you need to wait only one more day, and then you will have an event showing you the new cave.

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