How to Install the Star Wars Mod for Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 and Star Wars
Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment. Mods: ToastedShoes.

Members of the Clone Army have been selected to drop alongside the defenders of Super Earth in Helldivers 2. This high-powered mashup is feasible thanks to a new set of mods prepared by ToastedShoes and their team. Interest sparked when Helldivers fans noticed a sweet mod that switches up the look of the titular space soldiers. As such, players dub it the “Star Wars” mod for Helldivers 2.

While initially showcased on YouTube, ToastedShoes has uploaded the mods for players to install and enjoy. These include the Clone Trooper and droid army cosmetic adjustments for Helldivers 2. Here’s how to install these mods to enhance your Automaton-fighting experience.

How To Install the Star Wars Mod for Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Star Wars Mod for PC
Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment.
Mods: ToastedShoes.

Disclaimer: While installing the Star Wars mods for Helldivers 2 is certainly awesome, it puts players at risk of getting banned. The risk comes down to the game’s anti-cheat system, which will ban any player if the system detects modifications as “tampering.” Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt confirmed this in a tweet when responding to a question regarding the mod. Please use caution when installing mods for Helldivers 2.

The Star Wars Mod for Helldivers 2 is available through Nexus Mods. ToastedShoes uploaded it after premiering desirable footage on YouTube. The Force is strong with the players who crave to step into the shoes of a Clone Trooper. To use these cosmetics, you’ll need to download the Clone Trooper (Phase 2 – 501st Legion) cosmetic pack.

Clone Trooper Mod Installation

Kboy is the creator of the Clone Trooper mod. Once you’re at the page, follow these steps:

  • Access the “Files” tab and click “Manual Download”
  • Extract the named file onto your desktop
  • Open your C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Helldivers 2\data folder
  • Copy the extracted file and paste it into the data folder

From there, boot Helldivers 2 to start equipping the Clone armor pieces. Approach your Armory, then click on the “Armory” sub-menu to select the necessary protective gear. Start in the “Armor” tab and don the B-01 Tactical armor piece. Next, do the same for the helmet selection, which features the B-01 variant, too. Finally, pick the Liberty’s Herald cape to cloak the back piece.

Also, ToastedShoes’ mod team suggests sticking with the Brawny body type to ensure consistent meshing. This may sound like an optional route, though it’s important to note in order for the mod to function properly.

Star Wars Enemies Mod Installation

Star Wars Enemies Mod for Helldivers 2 on PC
Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment.
Mods: ToastedShoes.

Some may not know of ToastedShoes’ additional uploads, which enhance the Helldivers/Star Wars hybrid experience. In addition to the Clone Trooper mod, the Star Wars Enemies pack replaces Automatons for droids. Droids!

To install this mod, follow the same steps described above for the Clone mod. Download the file, extract it, copy the contents, and then paste them into the Helldivers 2 data folder.

You won’t need to equip anything this time. Instead, drop onto an Automaton-infested planet, and you’ll start encountering familiar foes from a galaxy far, far away. These include Battle Droids, Commando Droids, AT-RTs, Armored Assault Tanks, and more.

Other Available Mods

The Clone Trooper and Star Wars Enemies mods aren’t the only packs you can download. Available through ToastedShoes’ page on Nexus Mods, you’ll find files for Din Djarin (The Mandalorian) and Master Chief of the Halo universe. These mods have their own pages, and you can download them if you wish. However, these aren’t the centered Star Wars mods introducing the Automatons to the 501st Legion.

Given that the Star Wars YouTube videos showcase more variants, ToastedShoes will eventually release the full pack. They confirmed this in a tweet, though it’s possible the team is dealing with copyright strikes from YouTube’s battered algorithm. With this in mind, it’s important to check back on the Nexus pages for these mods for any updates.


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