Hello Neighbor 2: List Of All Bosses & Endings

Hello Neighbor 2 is an upcoming family-friendly horror game in which you are set in the small town of Raven Brooks and have to investigate some of your neighbors’ secrets and mysteries. The entire area looks like it’s abandoned and creepy, and everyone is hiding something. Each of the houses has its owner who is actually the Boss, and you have to reveal all the secrets that they are hiding in the houses.

 In this guide, you can find the Lost of All Bosses & Endings in Hello Neighbor 2!

List Of All Bosses & Endings – Hello Neighbor 2

In Hello Neighbor 2 you will encounter a total of 5 bosses where you have to investigate each of their houses and find the secret that they are hiding.

In the text below, you will find the list of all bosses with the endings.

Boss #1 – Policeman

The policeman’s house is the first one that you will have to investigate and it is full of puzzles and secrets. The main objective is to find all the keys that are hidden around the house and open the locked door that will reveal all the secrets.

While looking for the keys and solving the puzzles, be careful of the Policeman who is also in the house and make sure not to be seen, because he will throw you out.

In the end, once you unlock the door, you will come to the basement where you will find a letter for a stolen key. Actually, you will find the secret key on top of the drawer.

When you get out of the basement, you will get another letter on which is written “Help Me” from a missing child, and that’s how it ends.

Boss #2 – Baker

The baker is the second boss and you have to investigate her store and house where you will have to find a few keys to unlock the puzzles where are hidden the missing buttons from the cash register machine.

Some of the keys and puzzles are inside the bakery store and the others are upstairs in the house where you have to sneak and hide from the Baker because if she catches you, she will throw you out of her place.

After you find all the buttons from the cash register machine, you can find the code on the poster on the wall next to it, and inside will be a secret key that will lead you to the next investigation.

Boss #3 – Taxidermist

The third boss, Taxidermist, won’t only hunt you in his house but also will shoot you with his rifle. You have to be careful and fast, and find all the numbers and solve the code from the safe.

Once you manage to open the safe which is in the backyard of the house, you will find inside the third key that will bring you to the next investigation.

Boss #4 – The Mayor

The mayor’s house is also hiding a lot of secrets. Your main objective is to solve all the puzzles and get into the secret room where you will find the ship steering wheel.

Once you have it, need to attach to the major’s bedroom and spin it to open the secret door on the wall. You will come to the secret room where you will be able to find the fourth mysterious key which is standing on top of the desk.

Boss #5 – Mr. Peterson

Mr. Peterson is the last boss, and in his house, you will find the kidnaped child locked behind the bars. As you try to help the kid to get out of there, Mr. Peterson with catch you and lock you in his cage.

You are the only one left who needs to find a way to get out of the cage. The gate has a lock with a number code on it and you will have to find all the numbers around the cage. Make sure to follow the order of the numbers on the corresponding color on the lock of the gate.

Once you get out of the cage you will have to find a way to get out of there without being seen by Mr. Peterson. There are some puzzles that you will have to solve and find keys that will help you unlock the next obstacle that you will encounter.

Once you find the kid, you will have to get out of the house together, but Mr. Peterson will spot you at the door going out and you will have to hit the big bird monument above him, and it will fall down and trap him.

In the end, when you try to get out with the kid, it will be a big surprise because the kid actually will go back to Mr. Peterson and help him to stand up which means they are working together and that’s how the game ends.

Written by Borut Udovic

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