Here Is Everything We Know About Hytale

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The upcoming sandbox video game raised a lot of hype when the news of its release was announced. Originally the game was being developed by Hypixel Studios, a company formed by Simon “Hypixel” Collins.

He was the creator of one of the most popular Minecraft servers ever. That said, the announcement of Hytale kicked up some serious dust in the gaming community. 

Following the significant demand and popularity after the released trailer with more than 60 million views, Riot Games bought the studio in April 2020. 

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Hytale offers everything Minecraft did, just way more. The game was made for players who loved and spent hours and hours playing Minecraft. The most significant difference between these two titles is that one of Minecraft’s biggest problems, having very low bosses and mobs, is fixed. Hytale offers a much more comprehensive range of features, including more boss fights, mobs, and other interactions like magic and spells, a campaign story, and the option to experience and play it with friends.

In addition, the open-world sandbox will be sprinkled with lore and history. This allows the players to explore and follow the story at their leisure. Or, if they want to spend time fighting and adventuring the world, they’re free to as well. 

What Is the Release Date of Hytale?

After Riot Games took over the studio, The initially intended release date of 2021 was extended further. A couple of months ago, in July of 2022, the development team shared the news that the game would not be finished in 2023. This means that 2024 will mark good news.

Unfortunately, we all witness what happens when people insist and force the creators to rush the game’s release. Sometimes it might be wiser to wait a bit for the best quality.

One thing is certain: Hytale will come out one day; the game is currently in heavy development. Even a Beta was announced, which will be available to everyone who signs up to try it. The exact date is unknown, but people speculate it will be available around the end of this year. 

What Is Hytale’s Gameplay Like?

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Since the trailer’s release, only a few leaks and information have been available to the general public. Over time, small details and information were released, but nothing significant. The most important details related to the gameplay and structure can be categorized like this: 


1. Interior and exterior design

Like Minecraft, Hytale will offer a wide range of customizable blocks that can be shaped and used in various ways. The developers also added great interior decoration options. Furniture will also be available to enhance the gameplay and help the players build their homes better.

2. Alchemy

The alchemy Bench or the so-called bench block will be used to create potions of many kinds. But besides brewing potions, players will also get the chance to learn magic spells for healing and damaging enemies. 

3. Alterverses

The story will be placed in one of the game’s five alternative universes or planets. The leading players will start their journey at the first one, called Orbis. Each will have its unique environment, mobs, biomes, and ecosystem. The travel between them will be done through portals and World Gates. 

Also, some honorable mentions that will make the game unique are: 

  • Pets will be available as companions in the game.
  • Open-world building like in Minecraft
  • Powerful tools for modding
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Multiplayer focus
  • Diversity
  • Combat
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Free to play?

The answer to this question can only be speculated. People are debating this topic; some think you will need to subscribe to get everything and play it, while others believe it will be a one-time deal. Nevertheless, since Riot owns the game now, one thing is inevitable, and that is that it may be pretty expensive to acquire everything in-game.


Hytale offers something completely new, an RPG sandbox game that gamers haven’t seen before. The options offered and promised by the developers are worth the wait. Let’s hope that the wait won’t take so long.

Written by Vuk Jovanovic

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