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Final Fantasy 14 Hesperos | Asphodelos: Fourth Circle Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 14 Hesperos Asphodelos: Fourth Circle

Welcome to the fourth circle of Asphodelos! This is the final fight of the Endwalker Normal Raid, and thus is the current endgame for Final Fantasy 14. Hesperos rules Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle, and he is not going down easily! In this guide we’ll go over each step of the fight, so you know what you’re getting into.

If you’ve not gotten here yet, be sure to refresh yourself! Unlock Asphodelos, or journey to the first, second, or third circles first!

How to Defeat Hesperos in Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle

Final Fantasy 14 Hesperos Asphodelos: Fourth Circle

Hesperos is quite the showman in Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle. As such, paying attention to him is key! Make sure you don’t touch the outside spike wall!

  • Elegant EviscerationDecollation, and Bloodrake are guaranteed damage attacks. Use mitigation to help your healers.
  • Setting the Stage. When he uses this attack, pay attention to the type of Geyser that appears. When the geyser is going off, head to these positions to stay alive! You can walk on the stage area, even if it is glowing red or black.
    • Lightning: Go to a FAR CORNER of the fight, not in the spikes.
    • Water: Hug the center of the arena. Try not to fly into a geyser.
    • Acid: Stay away from your fellow party members.
    • Fire: Stack with your party.
  • Hell Skewer is a straight line in front of him. Do not be in front of him.
  • Shift will have him call out “Northern”, “Southern”, “Eastern”, or “Western.” Look at the icon in that direction to determine where you stand. Always run towards that direction.
    • Sword: Stand beside the marker to avoid the Cone AoE.
    • Cloak: Stand in front of the marker to get pushed back towards the center of the arena.
  • Belone Coils will summon meteors. Stand in one that does not have your class role icon on it! Only one player needs to stand in each one, but make sure it is not your role inside of it.
  • Belone Bursts will summon orbs that have role icons on them. Tank the ones without your role on it. However, you can only soak two of these before dying! Let others have some fun, too!

As the fight progresses, these mechanics will combine. Make sure you’re paying attention to how he casts by using the “Focus Target” command on him!

Written by Andrew Smith