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High On Life | Choose Lizzie’s Boyfriend or Gene?

High On Life Lizzie's Boyfriend

As you stumble, duck, and dive through the chaotic game High On Life, you’re going to meet a strange cast of characters. From the citizens under the Sludge Works sign to your own pistols and shotguns, you’re going to hear a lot of chatter. Some of the most common chatter you’ll hear is from Lizzie. Your sister lives with you, as well as your bounty hunter friend Gene. Eventually, you will have to choose between them in a conversation. Will you support Lizzie’s Boyfriend Tweeg or Gene in High On Life? You only have one shot at this decision, so you’d better make it count!

Should You Side With Lizzie’s Boyfriend or Gene in High On Life?

High On Life Lizzie's Boyfriend

Thankfully, the choice to support Lizzie’s Boyfriend Tweeg or Gene does not matter in High On Life. No matter what choice you make, you will receive the same reward and Gene will stick around. This also goes for the follow-up questions in Lizzie Returns, such as telling Lizzie to listen to Gene. No matter what, he will not take away your Bounty 5000 and Lizzie won’t be that pissed off.

The quest begins early-on and takes place in your apartment. Lizzie and Gene are your roommates, so you’ll have to sort them out in person.

Like many dialogue-based quests in RPGs, you will not be choosing between a major plot point here. This is a simple, for-fun quest about your sister coming over. You can side with either Lizzie or Genen without worrying about long-term consequences.

Tweeg seems like an okay guy, but we won’t meet him anytime soon. It’ll be up to you to decide if Gene’s interpretation of him is worth considering.

In the end, you can really choose whatever you want. Even in the dialogue itself, you can swap your support for Lizzie’s boyfriend or Gene back and forth without much issue. Follow your heart! The only consequence of this quest is missing out on the dialogue from the alternative choices.

Written by Andrew Smith